Over the last few decades, the average life expectancy of human beings worldwide has increased substantially. However, increased infections and emerging diseases on the aging population, such as syndrome metabolic and cardiovascular diseases accompany this longevity growth. This has led increased research in pharmaceutical nanotechnology, pharmacology, material sciences, microbiology, and also a genomic metabolomics approach to develops and provide drugs which have promising safety and effectiveness.

With so many ready-to-use drugs from the pharmaceutical industry, the current role of healthcare professionals is the ability to keep abreast of the latest therapeutic developments. On the other hand, a new paradigm of health services emphasizes patient-centered and team-based care. This requires a change in the field of health education. Inter-professional education becomes a necessity for the realization of collaborative therapy management in the practice of health services. Therefore, the development of health education should improve following the development of research in the field of pharmaceutical and clinical research as well. Thus, this conference will discuss the importance of inter-professional education top emerging diseases and their management with the advanced therapy & technologies.

Who should attend?

The International Conference on Pharmaceutical Research and Practice (ICPRP) is an interdisciplinary forum and will serve as an open forum for discussion. This conference will invite researchers, academicians and practitioners in disseminating, reporting and sharing their experiences, innovations, ideas, and research results. Thus, this conference will discuss the topics:

  1. Pharmacology
  2. Nanotechnology
  3. Genomics
  4. Microbiology
  5. Material Sciences
  6. Education and Pharmacy Practice Management